Communism vs Constitution

NOBODY IS – SAFE – quit using this false qualifier. The time for ” CAUTION ” ended weeks ago when we “flattened the curve “. Now its time to not continue flattening the Effing’ economy!

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Tuesday that Americans might not be able to safely return to school in the fall, citing not enough progress on developing a vaccine.

“We will find every one of their contacts and we will make sure that they stay quarantined and we’ll check in with them every day,” he added. “In other words, what this program means is that we’re gonna do a more complete job and we’re going to do a more meticulous job of making it less and less possible for others in the county to run into someone with COVID-19 infection.”

Masks will protect against inhaling droplets that are expelled when someone coughs or sneezes. But it won’t protect you from the coronavirus if it’s airborne or lying on a surface that you touch. The virus can easily penetrate between the fibers of any mask and no one can do much of anything about surface contact with the virus

Geniuses in Wyoming belive stopping critical tourism funds from out of state is good fiscal decision to stop virus that never really came. Is this even constitutional ?

In order to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure adherence to social distancing guidelines, Wyoming State Parks has temporarily closed camping to non-residents.

The Privileges and Immunities Clause (U.S. ConstitutionArticle IV, Section 2, Clause 1, also known as the Comity Clause) prevents a state from treating citizens of other states in a discriminatory manner. Additionally, a right of interstate travel may be plausibly inferred from the clause.


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s delayed response to the coronavirus pandemic may turn out to be the most consequential failure in the country. Not only does the New York City area skew America’s overall numbers when it comes to coronavirus cases and deaths, but recent genetic studies suggest that New York also served as a hub for the spread of the virus across the United States.

Re-elect this guy:

“It’s time to get back opening up our businesses and letting our people do what our normal business activities are,” he said. “And, you know, you just can’t arrest somebody for going out and exercising in public or not wearing a mask. You know, at the same time they are trying to force me to release real criminals from jail. They want me to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens that are, you know, trying to support a family. It doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Dallas “Judge” gets his panties in a bunch and jails a hairstylist, while refusing to jail offenders of theft and other -actual- crime. Then Abbott says salons can Open Friday. What a freaking joke Texas has turned into.

–EVERY– American should donate to this woman’s cause so she can sue the State, The judge and the officers involved in violating her civil rights if there were any. The owner of this website did. Have you ?

Cotton: All Evidence Points to Coronavirus Coming from Wuhan Labs. Dr. Anthony Fauci: Coronavirus Likely Wasn’t Created in Wuhan Lab

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, dismissed theories that the Chinese coronavirus was created in a laboratory in Wuhan, placing himself at odds with statements made by President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Tuesday during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) argued the COVID-19 virus could be a product of the lab but, at the same time, “naturally occurring.”