Host Erica Hill asked, “In the simplest terms, when we look at the education — the learning loss here, was closing schools for so long a mistake?”

Carr responded, “Well, you know, I don’t know if there was a lot of choice. The health experts [were] telling us to close the schools, and the districts and the states had to do what was best for the children. What I think we need to focus on now is moving forward.

democrat clown show takes ‘credit’ for re-opening schools!

“Let’s step back to where we were not too long ago when this President walked into this administration: how mismanaged the pandemic — the response to the pandemic was; how 47% of schools were — in less than six months, our schools went from 46% to — open — to nearly all of them being open to full time,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters on Thursday.

“That was the work of this president and that was the work of Democrats, in spite of Republicans not voting for the American Rescue Plan, which $130 billion went to schools to have the ventilation, to be able to have the tutoring and — and the teachers and being able to hire more teachers,” she added. “And that was because of the work that this administration did.”


Supreme Court of Texas
Misc. Docket No. 22-9071
Fifty-Fifth Emergency Order Regarding
the COVID-19 State of Disaster

  1. Governor Abbott has declared a state of disaster in all 254 counties in
    the State of Texas in response to the imminent threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    This Order is issued pursuant to Section 22.0035(b) of the Texas Government Code.
  2. The Fifty-Second Emergency Order (Misc. Dkt. No. 22-9048) is renewed
    as amended.
  3. Subject to constitutional limitations and review for abuse of discretion,
    all courts in Texas may in any case, civil or criminal, without a participant’s consent:
    a. except as this Order provides otherwise, allow or require anyone
    involved in any hearing, deposition, or other proceeding of any kind—including
    but not limited to a party, attorney, witness, court reporter, grand juror, or
    petit juror—to participate remotely, such as by teleconferencing, videoconferencing, or other means;
  4. b. consider as evidence sworn statements made out of court or sworn
    testimony given remotely, out of court, such as by teleconferencing, videoconferencing, or other means; and
    c. conduct proceedings away from the court’s usual location with
    reasonable notice and access to the participants and the public if:
    i. exigent circumstances exist; or
    Misc. Docket No. 22-9071 Page 2
    ii. conducting proceedings away from the court’s usual
    location will assist in managing court backlog and:
    (A) the court serves multiple counties; or
    (B) a visiting judge is assigned to the court.
  5. Courts may continue to use reasonable efforts to conduct proceedings
    a. In district courts, statutory county courts, and constitutional
    county courts, the court must not require a lawyer, party, or juror to appear
    remotely for a jury trial, absent the agreement of the parties.
    b. In justice and municipal courts, the court must not require a
    lawyer, party, or juror to appear remotely for a jury trial unless the court has
    considered on the record or in a written order any objection or motion related
    to proceeding with the jury proceeding at least seven days before the jury
    proceeding or as soon as practicable if the objection or motion is made or filed
    within seven days of the jury proceeding. A timely filed objection may be
    granted for good cause.
    c. Except in a non-binding jury proceeding, a court may not permit
    or require a petit juror to appear remotely unless the court ensures that all
    potential and selected petit jurors have access to technology to participate
  6. The Office of Court Administration should issue, and update from time
    to time, best practices and guidance on conducting in-person and remote court
    proceedings under this Order.
  7. This Order is effective September 1, 2022, and expires November 1,
    2022, unless extended by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  8. The Clerk of the Supreme Court is directed to:
    a. post a copy of this Order on;
    b. file a copy of this Order with the Secretary of State; and
    Misc. Docket No. 22-9071 Page 3
    c. send a copy of this Order to the Governor, the Attorney General,
    and each member of the Legislature.
  9. The State Bar of Texas is directed to take all reasonable steps to notify
    members of the Texas bar of this Order.
    Dated: August 30, 2022.

NO-LOCKDOWN! “The pandemic erased two decades of progress in math and reading,” the New York Times reported Thursday, citing data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress — an assessment often referred to as “the nation’s report card” conducted by the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Data collected shows that nine-year-olds lost ground in math for the first time since the data started being collected in the 1970s, and reading scores dropped by its most significant margin since 1990.

Compared to the 2020 assessment, which was administered before pandemic protocols were put in place, the 2022 scores dropped seven points in math and five points in reading.

Saying the U.S. is in an “education crisis,” according to CNN, Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona also said that the drop in scores can be attributed to not having “in-person learning.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) delivered a fiery speech in Florida’s Seminole County on Wednesday, blasting “little elf” Dr. Anthony Fauci for the permanent damage caused by lockdowns.

“People like Fauci saying that his lockdowns didn’t cause any permanent damage to any young kids. I got news for you. It did, and we are going to reap those rewards across the whole country for years and years and years because they treated kids so poorly,” DeSantis said during the “Keep Florida Free rally, with a banner reading “Don’t Tread on Florida” serving as his backdrop.

“And I’m just sick of seeing him,” he said of Fauci — an individual the governor has called out time and time again.

“I know he says he’s going to retire. Someone needs to grab that little elf and chuck him across the Potomac,” the governor said to cheers:


I am announcing today that I will be stepping down from the positions of Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Chief of the NIAID Laboratory of Immunoregulation, as well as the position of Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden. I will be leaving these positions in December of this year to pursue the next chapter of my career.

COVID-19 lockdowns could be responsible for claiming 20 times more lives than they were advertised to save, according to a new analysis published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The price tag of lockdowns in terms of public health is high: by using the known connection between health and wealth, we estimate that lockdowns may claim 20 times more life years than they save.

The paper, which bases its conclusions on a comprehensive review of other relevant, lockdown-focused literature, was authored by researchers at the Jerusalem College of Technology.

“In this work, we performed a narrative review of the works studying the above effectiveness, as well as the historic experience of previous pandemics and risk-benefit analysis based on the connection of health and wealth,” summarized the article, titled “Are Lockdowns Effective in Managing Pandemics?

CDC BACKS OFF THE CHINAFLU SCAREMONGERING HOAX 2 YEARS LATER——–New CDC COVID guidance ditches distinctions between vaccinated and unvaccinated

The CDC on Thursday issued sweeping new recommendations as part of the agency’s efforts to overhaul its COVID-19 guidance.

“This guidance acknowledges that the pandemic is not over, but also helps us move to a point where COVID-19 no longer severely disrupts our daily lives,” the CDC’s Greta Massetti said in a press release.

Here are the biggest changes to the CDC’s guidance:

  • Unvaccinated people now have the same guidance as vaccinated people.
  • Those who are exposed to the virus are no longer required to quarantine regardless of vaccination status.
  • Students may stay in class even if they’ve been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Six-foot social distancing is no longer recommended.
  • Contact tracing and routine surveillance testing of symptomatic people are no longer recommended in most settings.

According to The New York Times, the CDC has been working for months on the new guidance which builds on previous guidance issued in February that reduced isolation times for those who get COVID-19.

The agency said it is making changes to its guidance now because “vaccination and prior infections have granted many Americans some degree of protection against the virus, and treatments, vaccines and boosters are available to reduce the risk of severe illness.”

Several well-known doctors and scientists joined a lawsuit against the Biden administration Tuesday over social media censorship of COVID-19 information.

Drs. Jayanta (Jay) Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorff and Aaron Kheriaty joined the lawsuit filed by the states of Missouri and Louisiana, alleging that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) worked with Big Tech companies to censor Americans discussing the pandemic. The doctors alleged they were censored on social media platforms for expressing views in opposition to the positions of the federal government, their representation, the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), said in a Tuesday press release.

state sponsored American CHild abuse continues::: Only seven of the 500 largest school districts (1.4%) are requiring masks as of Aug. 5, according to Burbio’s school mask policy tracker, compared to 369 (73.8%) in October 2021. Mask-optional districts didn’t become a majority until March.

Twitter does not appear to be treating skepticism of masks with any more tolerance, however. It imposed a 12-hour lockout Friday of cognitive theoretical scientist Mark Changizi, already a plaintiff in a censorship lawsuit against Twitter, for calling masks “one part of the suite of useless, draconian, civil rights violating and harmful interventions.”

Fogen theorized that “deep re-inhalation of hypercondensed droplets or pure virions caught in facemasks as droplets can worsen prognosis and might be linked to long-term effects of COVID-19 infection.”

February study in the journal Medicine by German researcher Zacharias Fogen compared Kansas counties with and without mask mandates Aug. 1-Oct. 15, 2020. He found the former had “significantly higher case fatality rates,” falling slightly when adjusting for non-infected people in each group, and attributed 95% of the effect “solely” to COVID.

A study last month in the Nature journal Scientific Reports quantified and identified bacteria and fungi attached to the masks of 109 volunteers, finding more bacteria on the “face-side” and “significantly increased” fungi on masks worn longer. The microbiologists from Japan’s Kindai University found “several pathogenic microbes,” warning immunocompromised people to “avoid repeated use of masks.”

According to one insurance company, there was a 40% increase in deaths among young adults from pre-pandemic levels, despite the prevalence of Covid vaccinations that were supposed to drastically reduce overall mortality rates.The medical data was released by three career military physicians who got the information from the military database that collects what we call ICD codes, which are diagnosis codes. And these physicians had a feeling, they believed based on their own observation, that they were seeing a significant uptick in certain conditions.”

AMEriCANS must rEJECT PUblic heaLTH hoAXeS To prevent ANOTHer ” shuT dOWN loCK Down “

The notion of a discernible “public health” drove creation of public health bureaucracies, like FDA, CDC, and HHS, together with state health bureaucracies, like the medical and health specialty licensing boards.  Over the years, ever more voluminous public health directives have de-emphasized and undermined individual freedom of choice in health care, exercise of individual professional judgment, and the doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Simone Gold, who enjoyed a reputation as an esteemed and respected medical doctor before being targeted by the government and pharmaceutical interests, has reported to jail to serve a 60 day term of imprisonment.

While US officials tried to smear and marginalize Gold and her group, her actual jail sentence was linked to her participation in the January 6, 2021 Trump rally in the US Capitol. According to Gold, she proceeded to the Capitol building on that date, where police let her into the building with a group that did not use force; and she spoke to the crowd inside about medical freedom.

As a result, she was charged with trespassing, and sentenced to jail time.

Healthcare business settles $10.3 million for employees who were denied religious exemptions to COVID vaccine

“Plaintiffs have sincerely held religious beliefs that they are being guided and instructed by the Holy Spirit not to accept any of the three currently available COVID-19 vaccines and that it would be a sin against God to do so…. Plaintiffs have shared these religious beliefs, and others, with NorthShore, and have asked NorthShore for exemption and reasonable accommodation for these beliefs, but NorthShore has unlawfully and callously refused.”

On Friday, NorthShore agreed to settle with the plaintiffs for a sum of $10,337,500. Liberty Counsel stated that depending on filing timely and valid claims, plaintiffs who were fired will receive about $25,000 apiece.

nY COvid camps banned

Gov. Hochul requires masks yet again in NYS | Herald Community Newspapers |

According to court documents, Rule 2.13 suggests “[t]he commissioner has unfettered discretion to issue a quarantine or isolation for anyone, even if there is no evidence that person is infected or a carrier of the disease. Further, the commissioner sets the terms, duration, and location of the detention, not an independent magistrate.”

The judge continued:

Involuntary detention is a severe deprivation of individual liberty, far more egregious than other health safety measures, such as requiring mask wearing at certain venues. Involuntary quarantine may have far-reaching consequences such as loss of income [or employment] and isolation from family.

The New York legislature never voted on Rule 2.13. So how did this shockingly unconstitutional and draconian decision come to be? It was on the orders of N.Y.’s unelected Gov. Kathy Hochul and her Department of Health.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coordinated with social media companies and Google to censor users

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical adviser to the president, and CDC director Rochelle Walensky / Getty Images

Over the course of at least six months, starting in December 2020, CDC officials regularly communicated with personnel at Twitter, Facebook, and Google over “vaccine misinformation.” At various times, CDC officials would flag specific posts by users on social media platforms such as Twitter as “example posts.”

‘vACCine’ is depressing your immune system, among other harms to reproductive ability , stop it!

( video when one is located )

Monday on FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson laid out some examples of the unintended consequences of some pharmaceuticals to warn against the country’s dependency on drugs to cure every ailment.

The FNC host said those unintended consequences were disrupting human behavior and potentially causing problems for society.

Transcript as follows:

CARLSON: We talk about it every night, multiple disasters all at once, but if you had to isolate one single tragedy that’s produced the highest casualty rate in the United States, it will probably have to be the opioid crisis.

Over the past 25 years, opioids have destroyed entire regions of the country, mostly rural areas, places populated by the people who built and fed this country for generations.

Hundreds of thousands of them have died from opioid, and they’re still dying, more than 100,000 drug ODs just last year, mostly from fentanyl.

Fentanyl is imported from China and smuggled through Mexico. If you live here, you probably know someone who’s died from fentanyl, probably someone’s child.

What you may have forgotten in the face of all this sadness is that the opioid epidemic was not organic. It didn’t just happen one day because people in sparsely populated zip codes in Kentucky and Vermont and West Virginia suddenly felt sad and started taking dangerous drugs. No.

This particular disaster was created by drug companies. That’s true.

Purdue Pharma kicked it off. They did so by aggressively marketing a narcotic called OxyContin. They sold it to doctors and doctors sold it to their patients on the false claim it was non-addictive. It was very addictive.

What happened next? Well, drive through upstate New York sometime. You can see the human carnage.

Ultimately, Purdue Pharma faced a barrage of lawsuits and then criminal charges. In the end, however, not a single executive from that or any other drug company ever went to jail. So, no one was ever really punished for all those deaths, hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Well, for a brief moment, it seemed possible that somebody would be punished.

No one remembers this, but during the Democratic primaries in 2019, Kamala Harris, of all people, described pharma executives as “nothing more than some high-level dope dealers” who “should be held accountable.”

Then a few months later, she went further than that. Harris suggested the drug companies were so evil they might produce a COVID vaccine that wound up hurting people. “If Donald Trump tells us we should take it, I’m not taking it,” Harris said. And then other Democrats, including Andrew Cuomo, then the Governor of New York, said the very same thing, but here’s the amazing part, the second Joe Biden took office, talk like that stopped immediately. Never has a tune changed faster.

Kamala Harris, who just months before had called drug companies dope dealers, suddenly sounded like the chief marketing officer at Pfizer. At one point, Harris announced that volunteers would go “door to door” to promote Pfizer’s products.

Never in our history have Federal officials touted a publicly held company more aggressively than the Biden administration touted Pfizer, and as a result, Pfizer’s stock price exploded. Its executives made billions.

Gone was any suggestion that the drug companies might be capable of doing anything wrong, ever.

Instead, the media and the Biden administration lauded pharma executives as moral heroes. And some of their products are lifesaving, that is true, but the bigger truth we are now learning is more complicated than that.

In just the past few weeks, serious, very serious questions have emerged about some of the most widely prescribed drugs in America, very much including the COVID vaccines.

But we want to begin tonight with what in any normal period would be front- page news around the world. It turns out the entire premise behind the most commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs appears to be completely wrong.

These drugs are known as SSRIs. They’re ubiquitous.

Between 1991 and 2018, total SSRI prescriptions in the US rose by more than 3,000 percent. The number of prescriptions for the most common SSRIs hit 224 million last year — 224 million prescriptions in a country of 330 million people.

In other words, you know, dozens of people who are taking SSRIs. You may be taking them right now. And yet for decades there have been strong indications that there is a problem with these drugs and the most obvious is this.

Antidepressants are supposed to cure depression. That’s why they’re prescribed. And yet, over the same period that SSRI prescriptions have risen 3,000 percent, the suicide rate, may be the most reliable indicator of all of depression has not fallen in the United States. In fact, the suicide rate has jumped by 35 percent. That’s a huge increase. That’s a lot of dead people.

Now, drug makers admit that their products may be part of the reason for the increase in suicide. The makers of Prozac, for example, can see that young people who take that drug have an increased risk of suicide compared to those who took a placebo.

Think about that for a second. A drug that’s supposed to make you less sad may make it more likely that you will kill yourself. How is that allowed?

Well, it’s been allowed because virtually no one has said a word about it. One person who did say something about it a long time ago was the actor, Tom Cruise, all the way back in 2005. He had a very famous appearance on “The Today Show.” You may remember it. Here it is.


TOM CRUISE, ACTOR: Here we are today where I talk out against drugs and psychiatric abuses of electric shocking people, okay, against their will, of drugging children with them not knowing the effects of these drugs.

Do you know what Adderall is? Do you know Ritalin? Do you know now that Ritalin is a street drug? Do you understand that?

MATT LAUER, THEN NBC NEWS HOST: Aren’t there examples and might not Brooke Shields be an example of someone who benefited from one of those drugs?

CRUISE: All it does is mask the problem, man, and if you understand the history of it, it masks the problem. That’s what it does. That’s all it does.

You’re not getting to the reason why. There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance. Drugs aren’t the answer that — these drugs are very dangerous. They’re mind-altering antipsychotic drugs and there are ways of doing it without that, so that we don’t end up in a brave new world.


CARLSON: So, Cruise said a few things. One, maybe you shouldn’t trust the pharma companies and just hand your children whatever they’re producing and hope for the best. Two, there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance in your brain that causes depression, he said that; and three, these drugs mask the real problems. You’re suffering for a real reason the drugs can’t fix.

Provocative statements. How did the country respond to this?

Well, everyone in the media agreed: “Tom Cruise is crazy. He’s in a cult. Shut up.” A lot of people thought that. We may even have thought that, but then more information kept coming out that made Tom Cruise look a little less crazy.

In 2015, researchers from the scientific journal BMJ found that, “Some birth defects occur two to 3.5 times more frequently” a lot more frequently, “among the infants of women treated with (SSRIs) early in pregnancy.” Well, that’s a huge problem — ignored.

In the same journal in 2020, researchers found that “Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction is under-recognized and can be debilitating both psychologically and physically.” Well, that’s kind of a problem, too. If it steals your sex drive, maybe it’s stealing your soul. No, ignore it. Only cult members care.

Then last year, researchers in Sweden found that: “There may be an increased hazard of violent crime during SSRI medication in a small group of patients. It may exist across age groups and throughout treatment periods and it possibly persists for up to 12 weeks after treatment discontinuation.”

So, even after you stop taking the drugs, you may be impotent, infertile, violent, but at least the drugs cure the chemical imbalance in your brain that causes your depression. That was the selling point.

What a great piece of marketing. You’ve got a chemical imbalance in your brain. You need these drugs, and so hundreds of millions of prescriptions every year for these drugs.

Well, in what seemed like news to us, last week we learned that actually SSRIs don’t cure a chemical imbalance in your brain.

So, the acronym SSRI stands for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. The theory was, has been for 30 years, that depressed people have an imbalance of serotonin in their brains. They have a chemical imbalance.

If you give them more serotonin, then they become less depressed and happy. They’re less likely to kill themselves. Right. But it turns out that serotonin deficiencies are not the reason people get depressed. That’s not just a guess, it is now officially science.

This new finding comes from University College London. It just completed a long and huge study on the relationship between depression and serotonin. It was published in the journal, “Molecular Psychiatry.”

Here is what the lead author of that study, Joanna Moncrieff, said about the findings, “I think we can safely say, after a vast amount of research conducted over several decades, there is no convincing evidence that depression is caused by serotonin abnormalities, particularly by lower levels or reduced activity of serotonin.”

What? That was the whole premise of the drug, which virtually the entire American population was taking on their doctor’s advice, and by the way, the drug companies made billions off those drugs.

So, first we were told that SSRIs would save lives. Now, we learn they don’t actually work as intended. In fact, the whole idea behind the drug was completely wrong. And yet, and here is the best part, people are ignoring this news and the drugs are still being prescribed.

How can that happen in a country based on science? Well, as it turns out, and this is the real point, that happens all the time.

On this channel just the other day, Tony Fauci, no less than Tony Fauci, admitted in public that actually we have no idea what effect the COVID vaccines might have on women’s fertility, on their menstrual cycles. Wait a second. Remember when suggesting that could get you bounced off of Twitter and Facebook as a conspiracy theorist? Well, it turns out it’s true. Here’s Tony Fauci.


BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CHIEF POLITICAL ANCHOR: There’s been a number of studies. “New York Times” just did one about menstruating cycles and how that is affected by vaccines.

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: Yes, though — well, the menstrual thing is something that seems to be quite transient and temporary. That’s the point. That’s one of the points. We need to study it more.


CARLSON: Oh, we need to study it more. We need to study more. It’s just like human fertility, reproducing the species, the most important event in most people’s lives. We need to study it more. Oh, but it’s too late. We just forced millions of women to take that drug. Sorry.

So how did they release a vaccine and then make it mandatory when they didn’t understand the long-term effects of the drug? That’s a very good question.

Here’s Deborah Birx. She is the former White House COVID response director again on FOX News.


DR. DEBORAH BIRX, FORMER WHITE HOUSE CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE COORDINATOR: I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines and it made people then worry that it’s not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization. It will, but let’s be very clear. Fifty percent of the people who died from the omicron surge were older, vaccinated.


CARLSON: What? Stop the presses, “I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection.” Really, Deborah Birx? But somehow you forgot to mention that as people were being fired from their jobs for not taking this on the premise that if they took it, they would never be infected? When do you get criminally charged? Soon, we hope.

And then there’s the effect of the COVID vaccines on the elderly, the population most at risk. According to “The Lancet,” no less than, vaccinated people around Joe Biden’s age are 80 percent more likely to become sick after taking the COVID shot as compared to unvaccinated people.

Wait. What? Eighty percent more likely to become sick after taking the shot that was supposed to prevent them from getting sick? How is this not the banner headline? It’s being ignored.

Well, as one scientist wrote in the “Journal of Virology,” “The study showed that immune function among vaccinated individuals eight months after the administration of two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among the unvaccinated individuals.”

So, it’s not just that your natural antibodies were more powerful than the vaccine. We’ve known that for a long time, though they lied about it. It turns out the vaccine appears to depress your immune system. This has massive implications, not just for COVID. There are all kinds of horrible diseases you can get with a suppressed immune system.

“The Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology” found the same thing: “Vaccination induces a profound impairment in type one interferon signaling, which has diverse adverse consequences to human health.”

What the hell. And yet these people are on TV blithely admitting, “Oh, well, we should do more study on that,” after we forced it on the entire American population, on billions of people globally.

And this might explain how Joe Biden got COVID after getting every available shot and telling us just a year ago that vaccines conferred total immunity.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, JULY 21, 2021: The various shots that people are getting now, cover that. You’re okay….You’re not going to get COVID if you had these vaccinations.

BIDEN, JULY 22, 2022: Hey, folks, guess you heard. This morning I tested positive for COVID, but I’ve been double vaccinated, double boosted.


CARLSON: So, one of the response to this is great sadness, of course, because even people who didn’t vote for Joe Biden believed his administration when they said this because they were acting in the name of science. People were afraid of COVID. In some cases, with great justification. Some people were at risk of dying from COVID and they reached out and accepted this drug on the promise told to them repeatedly that it would save them.

And now you have Deborah Birx says, “I knew it didn’t really work.”

So, the question is, why is no one being held accountable? Why is the party that promised to hold Big Pharma accountable ignoring this? They’re not saying a single word about any of these lies from the pharmaceutical industry, which is making billions and there’s more. There’s more.

It turns out that Alzheimer’s drugs, the most widely prescribed Alzheimer’s drugs, don’t actually treat Alzheimer’s. You know, does Viagra — that appears to work because in 2022, nothing is too weird to be true, but that’s not what they’re prescribing.

In 2014, in the journal “Alzheimer’s and Dementia,” researcher Jeffrey Cummings found a 99 percent failure rate of Alzheimer’s treatments in the pipeline for production, but he suggested that further treatments would be more successful.

Well, how does that work? Because the new medications, Cummings wrote, would effectively target the proteins that form so-called sticky plaques in the brains of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s.

Just like a lack of serotonin was thought to cause depression, sticky plaques in the brain were thought to cause Alzheimer’s. If you’re interested in the subject, you’ve definitely read that.

So, these new drugs came out. They’re very expensive. Did they work? No, they failed.

Two new Alzheimer’s drugs, one from the drug company Genentech, the huge biotech firm, Genentech, the other from Biogen were supposed to target sticky plaques and they did, but here’s what they didn’t do, fix Alzheimer’s. They did nothing to affect Alzheimer’s.

Incidentally, the FDA approved Biogen’s drug despite a ten-zero vote from the FDA’s own advisory committee to reject it. What?

So, it turns out that the assumption about sticky plaque causing Alzheimer’s is likely wrong, and the people running our public health establishment knew what was wrong, but ignored the fact it was wrong. And again, no one’s being held accountable. The entire population, trusts the science.

If you want to make people distrust the science and go to the witch doctor rather than the pediatrician to treat their kid’s flu, this is how you act. You lie and then you never admit it, apologize, or hold the liars accountable.

So, the claim that sticky plaques caused Alzheimer’s originated in a 2006 paper in the journal, “Nature,” and it was written by neuroscience professor Sylvain Lesne.

Recently, a Vanderbilt University neuroscientist called Matthew Schrag took a closer look at that 2006 paper, so did “Science” Magazine. What did they find? We’re quoting, “Shockingly blatant, fraudulent data,” according to Donna Wilcock, who works on Alzheimer’s at the University of Kentucky.

Elisabeth Bik, a molecular biologist reported that “Data might have been changed to fit a better hypothesis.”

Holy smokes. So, how did the NIH, which is working with your money on your behalf to keep the nation healthy, how did they respond to this? Well, they awarded that same scientist a new grant to study Alzheimer’s and the Democratic Party, Pharma’s new best friends. Haven’t said a word about it. Instead, they’re finding new ways to send your cash to their donors. Here’s a new trans admiral.


ADM. RACHEL LEVINE, ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR HEALTH: So, we really want to base our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these youth not to limit their participation in activities to sports and even limit their ability to get gender affirmation treatment in their state.


CARLSON: So, whatever you think of the trans question, kids struggling with questions about gender identity, notice the first thing that person says, the salient point that person makes is that a drug can fix it. Really? More drugs.

So the same people who had no clue what SSRIs did and then pushed them for decades, the same people who are making toddlers take the COVID shot despite the obvious risks and no data whatsoever to support giving it to toddlers, the same people who fast-tracked useless Alzheimer’s drugs to the elderly, are now telling you that kids with gender identity disorders must have more drugs. And the administration that promised to hold Big Pharma accountable cheers them on.

Maybe at this point, we should acknowledge that drugs are not the answer to every human problem. People are more than just a collection of chemicals that could be manipulated to produce a desired result.

They’re human beings. They have souls. If they’re sad or sick or alienated from other people, it’s just possible that Pfizer is not the solution.

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government clowns don’t realize they were recorded


CLAIM: Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed he never advised the president to call for a public shutdown to help fight the coronavirus.

“First of all, I didn’t recommend locking anything down, you’re asking me questions, you’re talking about — the CDC’s the public agency that uses their epidemiologists and their science-based approach to make recommendations,” Fauci said in an interview on Monday on the Hill‘s “Rising” show after host Batya Ungar-Sargon asked him if he still supported the idea of shutting down schools.


Fauci is on the record recalling publicly that he advised President Donald Trump to shut down the country to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“When it became clear that we had community spread in the country … I recommended to the president that we shut the country down. That was a very difficult decision, because I knew it would have serious economic consequences, which it did,” Fauci said during a conversation in October 2020 with Holy Cross students.

“There was no way to stop the explosive spread that we knew would occur if we didn’t do that,” Fauci said during his October 2020 conversation. “And unfortunately, since we actually did not shut down completely—the way China did, the way Korea did, the way Taiwan did—we actually did see spread even though we shut down.”

MASking is A HOAX

On Monday’s broadcast of Hill.TV’s “Rising,” White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that it is “very, very clear that masks do work in prevention of acquisition and transmission,” but they have to be “well-fitted” and “of a high quality. And the two we know are high-quality are an N95 or a KN95.”

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci on Monday said health officials knew during the COVID-19 pandemic that contracting the disease ultimately offered a degree of natural immunity to it.

“We were always aware that if you get infected, you have a degree of protection against reinfection,” he told reporters, per the Epoch Times.

Critics of Fauci’s push for nationwide vaccinations long argued that natural immunity offered protection against the virus and thus individuals who contracted COVID-19 didn’t need to opt for one of the nation’s authorized vaccines.

“Is there a connection between getting multiple COVID vax shots and getting sicker?” Tucker posited. “Is it possible that the vaccine can actually hurt you, especially  if you keep getting boosted?”

“Can it weaken your immune system? Well, it looks possible,” said Carlson, before revealing a study from the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology that said COVID-19 vaccines have “diverse adverse consequences to human health.”

The study identified “potential profound disturbance in regulatory control of protein synthesis and cancer surveillance,” and noted that these disturbances “potentially have a causal link to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis.”

A second study from The Lancet journal, which, according to a letter written by expert Kenji Yamamoto to the Journal of Virology, showed that “immune function among vaccinated individuals 8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among unvaccinated individuals.”

“Well, if you’re across the South, and you’re in the middle of this wave, what’s going to save you right now is Paxlovid,” he said. “But once we get through this wave, during that lull, you should get vaccinated and boosted because we do believe it will protect you, particularly if you’re over 70. I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection. And I think we overplayed the vaccines. And it made people then worry that it’s not going to protect against severe disease and hospitalization. It will, but let’s be very clear — 50% of the people who died from the Omicron surge were older, vaccinated.”

Deborah Birx

President Joe Biden has contracted the coronavirus after receiving his second booster in March, according to the White House.

“You’re not going to — you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” he said during a CNN town hall on July 21, 2021.

“This morning, President Biden tested positive for COVID-19. He is fully vaccinated and twice boosted and experiencing very mild symptoms,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wrote in a statement Thursday. “He has begun taking Paxlovid.”

….they dig deeper into their LIES

“The President wears a mask, he wears protection. But he still got Covid,” the reporter stated. “Is it time to really realize that masks may really not be as effective as we try to make them out to be?”

“So, I think the science on masks is actually quite clear,” Jha replied. “And there is broad agreement among public health and science experts that masks work. Higher quality masks work better than lower quality masks. He wears, every time the president wears masks, he wears high quality masks.”

“Um, masks are, uh, not a panacea,” Jha said. “Uh, and obviously, uh, the President, uh, you know, uh, engages with people, uh, both indoors and outdoors, uh, and there was never I think an understandimg on our part that we could keep the president from, uh, having zero chance of getting infected.”

SCARf Queen was the lockdown queen as well

Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus response coordinator, puts on a face mask after speaking with reporters about the coronavirus in the James Brady Briefing Room of the White House, Friday, May 22, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Dr. Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus response coordinator, puts on a face mask after speaking with reporters about the coronavirus in the James Brady Briefing Room of the White House, Friday, May 22, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Her book admits that it was a two-level lie from the beginning (emphasis mine here and throughout). 

We had to make these palatable to the administration by avoiding the obvious appearance of a full Italian lockdown. At the same time, we needed the measures to be effective at slowing the spread, which meant matching as closely as possible what Italy had done – a tall order. We were playing a game of chess in which the success of each move was predicated on the one before it.


At this point, I wasn’t about to use the words lockdown or shutdown. If I had uttered either of those in early March, after being at the White House only one week, the political, non-medical members of the task force would have dismissed me as too alarmist, too doom-and-gloom, too reliant on feelings and not facts. They would have campaigned to lock me down and shut me up.

In other words, she wanted to go full CCP just like Italy but didn’t want to say that. Crucially, she knew for sure that two weeks was not the real plan. “I left the rest unstated: that this was just a starting point.”

White House Covid Coordinator Deborah Birx Describes How She Tricked Trump and Brought Lockdowns to America

Fifteen Days to Slow the Spread was a start, but I knew it would be just that. I didn’t have the numbers in front of me yet to make the case for extending it longer, but I had two weeks to get them. However hard it had been to get the 15-day shutdown approved, getting another one would be more difficult by many orders of magnitude. In the meantime, I waited for the blowback, for someone from the economic team to call me to the principal’s office or confront me at a task force meeting. None of this happened.

“No sooner had we convinced the Trump administration to implement our version of a two-week shutdown than I was trying to figure out how to extend it,” she admits. 

White House Covid Coordinator Deborah Birx Describes How She Tricked Trump and Brought Lockdowns to America

The watchdog group Judicial Watch has announced that it received 1651 pages of records from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), revealing an FBI inquiry into the NIH’s controversial bat coronavirus grant tied to China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The records also show National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) officials were concerned about “gain-of-function” research in China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2016.


An 8-year-old child looks through a virtual reality headset while he receives the COVID-19 vaccine.
Oded Balilty/AP
Jill Biden greets a child, parents as they wait for their child to receive his first COVID-19 vaccination.
Eva Russo/Richmond Times-Dispatch/AP

As of February, 75% of children in the US already had natural immunity from prior infection. It could easily be over 90% of children today, given how ubiquitous Omicron has been since then. The CDC’s own research shows that natural immunity is better than vaccinated immunity and a recent New England Journal of Medicine study from Israel has questioned the benefits of vaccinating previously infected persons. Many countries have long credited natural immunity towards vaccine mandates. But not the US.

In this, the leaders of these American health agencies made the US an international outlier in how it treats children. Sweden never offered vaccination to children under 12. Finland limits COVID vaccines to children under 12 who are at high risk. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has appropriately stated that “some children may benefit” but “previous infection offers as good of protection as the vaccine against reinfection.” Denmark announced on June 22 that its recommendation to vaccinate any children under age 16 was a mistake. “The vaccinations were not predominantly recommended for the child’s sake but to ensure pandemic control,” said Søren Brostrøm, head of the Danish Ministry of Health.

After two years of violating Americans rights in NEW YORK, New York State’s COVID-19 measures that required people infected with or exposed to highly contagious communicable diseases to quarantine are a violation of state law, a judge ruled. The New York Isolation and Quarantine procedures, known as Rule 2.13, were enacted in February.

The judge stressed that in addition to the unconstitutional nature of the guidelines, there is also no scientific basis for them.

“Respondents offered no scientific data or expert testimony why Rule 2.13 was a necessary response to combat COVID-19, but instead contend only that it would provide a quick and nimble approach to combating the pandemic,” wrote Ploetz. “Nevertheless, during oral argument of this matter, at a time when we hope that the worst of the pandemic is behind us, counsel for the Respondents were unable to cite any instance where the procedure set forth in Rule 2.13 was actually utilized.”

Governor Hochul was vowed to appeal the ruling. “We feel very confident that if we appeal this, we will be successful,” Hochul told reporters on Tuesday.

The ruling comes as a number of municipalities — including Los Angeles County — are considering the reintroduction of mask and vaccine mandates.


Former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx revealed that the federal government was relying on “hope” that COVID-19 vaccines would prevent infection when officials publicly stated that Americans who received the jab would become immune to the virus.

The admission came during a line of questioning by Rep. Jim Jordan, who inquired to the former Trump administration official: “When the government told us that the vaccinated couldn’t transmit it, was that a lie or is it a guess?”

“I think it was hope that the vaccine would work in that way,” she replied.

Dr. Birx’s comments follow a host of studies determining that the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t confer protection as comprehensively as natural immunity. Data during the Omicron surge also showed that vaccinated people in Germany comprised the overwhelming majority of individuals contracting the variant.

Nearly one year after journalist and writer Alex Berenson was kicked off Twitter for being a sometimes COVID-19 contrarian, his account has been restored. He had to sue the tech platform to be reinstated.

“It doesn’t stop infection. Or transmission. Don’t think of it as a vaccine. Think of it – at best – as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed IN ADVANCE OF ILLNESS. And we want to mandate it? Insanity.”

After locking down and shutting down public schools and forcing ”remote learning”, now the government wants to ‘fix’ the problem they created and denied they created!

After the Biden administration colluded with teachers unions to keep schools closed, the White House is apparently waking up to the damage their policies did to the rising generation and, as usual, their solution is even more government intervention.

Specifically, according to an announcement made by Biden’s Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, the Biden administration wants 250,000 new tutors in order to carry out an “academic recovery” that is, again, needed due to the Biden administration’s COVID policies.

Fed appeal court stops vax hoax mandate

In a reversal for President Joe Biden, a federal appeals court in New Orleans on Monday agreed to reconsider its own April ruling that allowed the administration to require federal employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The new order from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans vacates an earlier ruling by a three-judge panel that upheld the mandate. The new order means a block on the mandate imposed in January by a Texas-based federal judge remains in effect, while the full court’s 17 judges take up the appeal.

after forcing experimental vaccines on US troops…..disregarding their well-being

“Nothing is more important to me or to this Department than the health and well-being of our Service members, the civilian workforce and DOD families,” the Pentagon chief announced. “I am committed to taking care of our people and ensuring the readiness and resilience of our Force. The Department is examining this decision closely and evaluating our policies to ensure we continue to provide seamless access to reproductive health care as permitted by federal law.”

“The biggest challenge currently is the lack of complete freedom to travel when you want to travel without having to get permission from a supervisor,” former Air Force JAG officer and Southwestern law professor Rachel Vanlandingham said. “Now, women serving here stateside are going to be subject to the whims [of the states] that they are involuntarily assigned to.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted that the very lockdown policies it advocated for have been instrumental in a drastic increase in mental health issues on a global scale.

In a report published on Friday, the World Health Organization claimed that anxiety and depression rose globally by a staggering 25 per cent in the first year of Chinese coronavirus lockdowns, alone. As a result, the report estimated that over one billion people worldwide are now suffering from mental health issues.

“Restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic for example had significant mental health consequences for many, including stress, anxiety or depression stemming from social isolation, disconnectedness and uncertainty about the future,” the W.H.O. stated.

The W.H.O. not only was instrumental in spreading Communist Chinese propaganda about the ability of the coronavirus to spread from human to human but was also a keen supporter of lockdown policies in response to the virus, which were inspired by Beijing’s draconian reaction to the Wuhan virus.

The Marxist chief of the W.H.O., Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who came to power — despite never working as a medical doctor — with the backing of Beijing, was an early and outspoken advocate of lockdowns and warned against lifting restrictions too soon, despite warnings from critics of the mental health implications.

remote work fraud

In the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, a quarter of employees at the federal government’s top health agency failed to even check their emails as they worked remotely, according to internal documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

An estimated 25 percent of Department of Health and Human Services employees neglected to log on to the agency’s software suite, which includes their email, work files, video conference calls, and other applications needed to perform remote work, according to the internal documents. The report, commissioned by then-HHS chief of staff Brian Harrison, measured employees’ inactivity on a day-to-day basis between March 2020 and December 2020. The documents, portions of which were leaked by a whistleblower to the Functional Government Initiative and reviewed by the Free Beacon, state that all HHS employees had secure access to these accounts to work remotely.

Doctors’ offices and hospitals are noting a concerning trend of children coming in for treatment with as many as three viruses at one point, with experts placing the blame on masking and distancing policies that reigned supreme during the COVID-19 pandemic.
These children are being admitted with respiratory viruses usually seen during the winter months, with Thomas Murray, an infection-control expert and associate professor of pediatrics at Yale, telling the Washington Post that “That’s not typical for any time of year and certainly not typical in May and June.”

Americans who received booster shots show a higher rate of COVID-19 infections compared to those who are not boosted, the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed.

The latest CDC data shows that breakthrough Covid infections in April were worse in those who received at least three shots of the vaccine over the vaccinated but unboosted.

HOLY SNOT TEXAS, ITS OVER YOU IDIOTS! Forty-Ninth Emergency Order Regarding the COVID-19 State of Disaster -expires 8/1/2022.

Supreme Court of Texas
Misc. Docket No. 22-9022
Forty-Ninth Emergency Order Regarding
the COVID-19 State of Disaster
1. Governor Abbott has declared a state of disaster in all 254 counties in
the State of Texas in response to the imminent threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.
This Order is issued pursuant to Section 22.0035(b) of the Texas Government Code.
2. The Forty-Seventh Emergency Order (Misc. Dkt. No. 22-9005) is
renewed as amended.
3. Subject to constitutional limitations and review for abuse of discretion,
all courts in Texas may in any case, civil or criminal, without a participant’s consent:
a. except as this Order provides otherwise, allow or require anyone
involved in any hearing, deposition, or other proceeding of any kind—including
but not limited to a party, attorney, witness, court reporter, grand juror, or
petit juror—to participate remotely, such as by teleconferencing, videocon-
ferencing, or other means;
b. consider as evidence sworn statements made out of court or sworn
testimony given remotely, out of court, such as by teleconferencing, videocon-
ferencing, or other means;
c. conduct proceedings away from the court’s usual location with
reasonable notice and access to the participants and the public;
d. require every participant in a proceeding to alert the court if the
participant has, or knows of another participant who has: (i) COVID-19 or aMisc. Docket No. 22-9022 Page 2
fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle
or body aches, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, congestion or runny
nose, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea; or (ii) recently been in close contact with
a person who is confirmed to have COVID-19 or exhibiting the symptoms
described above;
e. take any other reasonable action to avoid exposing court
proceedings and participants to the threat of COVID-19.
4. In any proceeding under Subtitle E, Title 5 of the Family Code, the
dismissal date may be extended by the trial court, without a participant’s consent, as
a. for any such proceeding that, on May 26, 2021, had been
previously retained on the court’s docket pursuant only to Section 263.401(b)
or (b-1), the court may extend the dismissal date for a stated period ending no
later than February 1, 2022;
b. for any such proceeding that, on May 26, 2021, had not been
previously retained on the court’s docket pursuant to Section 263.401(b) or (b-
1), the court may extend the initial dismissal date as calculated under Section
263.401(a) for a stated period ending no later than April 1, 2022; or
c. for any such proceeding that is filed on or after May 26, 2021, the
court may extend the initial dismissal date as calculated under Section
263.401(a) only as provided by Section 263.401(b) or (b-1).
5. The Regional Presiding Judge of a trial court’s administrative judicial
region may further extend the dismissal date in paragraph 4 without a participant’s
consent upon good cause shown by the requesting trial court. Before requesting
further extension of the dismissal date by the Regional Presiding Judge, the trial
court should consider the use of alternative dispute resolution under Section 153.0071
of the Family Code and Section 154 of the Civil Practice and Remedies Code. Any
extension or extensions granted by the Regional Presiding Judge, whether granted
under this Order, the Forty-Seventh Emergency Order, or both, must not exceed 60
days cumulatively.
6. Courts may continue to use reasonable efforts to conduct proceedings
remotely.Misc. Docket No. 22-9022 Page 3
a. In criminal cases where confinement in jail or prison is a potential
punishment, remote jury proceedings must not be conducted over the objection
of the defendant or the prosecutor.
b. In all other cases, remote jury proceedings must not be conducted
unless the court has considered on the record or in a written order any objection
or motion related to proceeding with the jury proceeding at least seven days
before the jury proceeding or as soon as practicable if the objection or motion
is made or filed within seven days of the jury proceeding. A timely filed
objection may be granted for good cause.
c. Except in a non-binding jury proceeding, a court may not permit
or require a petit juror to appear remotely unless the court ensures that all
potential and selected petit jurors have access to technology to participate
7. The chief justice of a court of appeals, the local administrative district
judge, and the presiding judge of a municipal court are encouraged to adopt minimum
standard health protocols for court participants and the public attending court
proceedings that will be employed in the courtroom and in public areas of the court
building, and have the authority to mandate compliance with those minimum
standard health protocols.
8. The Office of Court Administration should issue, and update from time
to time, best practices to assist courts with safely and effectively conducting in-person
and remote court proceedings under this Order.
9. This Order is effective April 1, 2022, and expires June 1, 2022, except as
otherwise stated herein, unless extended by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
10. The Clerk of the Supreme Court is directed to:
a. post a copy of this Order on;
b. file a copy of this Order with the Secretary of State; and
c. send a copy of this Order to the Governor, the Attorney General,
and each member of the Legislature.Misc. Docket No. 22-9022 Page 4
11. The State Bar of Texas is directed to take all reasonable steps to notify
members of the Texas bar of this Order.

Dated: March 22, 2022.
Nathan L. Hecht, Chief Justice

stop complying, America!  Fauci Openly Admits Biden Mask Mandate Is About Preserving “Authority”

He continued, “I believe that the Department of Justice is operating on the principle that decisions that are public health decisions belong with the public health agency, in this case, the CDC.”

“So it’s more of a matter of principle of where the authority lies than it is about whether or not there’s gonna be a mandate on a plane or not,” Fauci declared.

Earlier in the week, the Justice Department asked an appeals court to overturn a federal judge’s order that mask mandates were unlawful.


The Republican Study Committee argued in a policy memo that if Republicans take back Congress in November’s midterm elections, holding “radical” public health officials like Fauci accountable must be a “major oversight priority” for the party.

“If Congress fails to hold the Fauci clique accountable, and fails to reform public health agencies, we will be giving far-left bureaucrats a blank check to shut the country down whenever they want to,” RSC Chairman Jim Banks (R-Ind.) said. “We need to send a message that the restrictions, the mandates, and the school closures can never happen again.”

LOCKDown max/vax naZI HAS CHINAflu too

Newsom Booster

Worthless Quadruple-Vaxxed California Gov. Gavin Newsom tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday, a day after a high-profile meeting with the visiting prime minister of New Zealand.

Newsom has mild symptoms and will remain in isolation at least through Thursday and until he tests negative, his office said in a statement. The Democratic governor plans to work remotely during that time. His office said Newsom, 54, will begin a five-day regimen of the Paxlovid antiviral.

John Pierce Law has filed a lawsuit against Atlas Air, on behalf of US Freedom Flyers (USFF) and Atlas employees, and plans to sue all major airlines, 18 altogether, plus the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT), contending that the vaccine mandates imposed by these agencies on the airlines’ employees infringed on their constitutional, religious, and medical liberties.

The lawsuit against Atlas Air was filed in federal court in the Southern District of Florida, with over 100 plaintiffs pursuing litigation.


U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney on Wednesday has tested positive for the Covid virus, she announced Wednesday morning.

“While I am fully vaccinated and boosted, I received a positive test result for COVID-19 early Wednesday morning,” Cheney said. “I am currently experiencing mild symptoms and will follow the CDC’s guidance as I continue to work on behalf of the people of Wyoming.

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

An analysis by Visit Florida, the state’s tourism-marketing agency, showed that Florida attracted a record number of tourists during the first three months of 2022. The numbers, which were released this past Friday, surpassed totals reported for similar time periods before the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted the hospitality and leisure industry.

The analysis estimates that 35.98 million people traveled to Florida between the start of January and the end of March. Florida has now recorded four consecutive quarters attracting more than 30 million visitors.

 Immunity against the omicron coronavirus variant fades rapidly after a second and third dose of Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine, according to peer reviewed research published in JAMA Network Open on Friday, a finding that could support rolling out additional booster shots to vulnerable people as the variant drives an uptick in new cases across the country.

“Countries with high levels of mask compliance did not perform better than those with low mask usage,” found a new study, whose data and analysis instead discovered a “moderate positive correlation between mask usage and deaths.”Beyond finding no benefit to mask mandate compliance in curtailing the spread of COVID-19, the paper found a “moderate positive correlation” between the use of masks and COVID-19 deaths.

A 2018 video of public health professional Laurie Garrett resurfaced on May 9 via Twitter showing that health experts were well aware of the ineffectiveness of masks before the Covid outbreak. Despite this knowledge, masks only recently began disappearing. People can now enter grocery stores and fly on planes without their faces half-hidden, after two years of mass mandates and massive public pressure to comply with them.


Today I tested positive for COVID-19. Thankfully, I’m vaccinated and boosted, and I’m asymptomatic. I’ll be isolating and working remotely this week. A reminder to all New Yorkers: get vaccinated and boosted, get tested, and stay home if you don’t feel well.

The rate of unruly passenger incidents on airplanes fell to the lowest level since 2020 a week after a federal judge ended a government mask mandate for public transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday.

The FAA said there were 1.9 reported incidents per 10,000 flights during the week ending April 24, compared to 4.4 reported incidents per 10,000 flights the prior week. The FAA said previously about 70% of reported incidents involved the enforcement of masking rules.


“I want to clarify one thing. I probably should have said the acute component of the pandemic phase. And I understand how that can lead to some misinterpretation,” Fauci said on an NPR podcast.

“I was talking about the acute fulminant phase. And everyone agrees we’re not there. We’re not 900,000 new infections a day. Is the pandemic still here? Absolutely.”

On the radio and while speaking with the other news outlets, Fauci portrayed the situation as evolving between a pandemic phase to an endemic one, but not having arrived yet.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said this week that the U.S. is out of the pandemic phase, despite claiming in January that the world is still only in the first stage. ( FLIP fLOPS IN SAME breaTH )

“So, if you’re saying, are we out of the pandemic phase in this country, we are. What we hope to do, I don’t believe — and I have spoken about this widely — we’re not going to eradicate this virus,” he said, adding that people may need to be “intermittently” vaccinated.

“I don’t know how often that would have to be, Judy,” Fauci said.

“That might be every year, that might be longer, in order to keep that level low. But, right now, we are not in the pandemic phase in this country. Pandemic means a widespread, throughout the world, infection that spreads rapidly among people.” he said, adding that the global situation shows that the pandemic is “still ongoing.”

HALf the nation is MENtally disturbed

Fifty-one percent of Americans approve of a judge’s ruling striking down the nation’s federal mask mandate on public transportation, according to a new poll by Rasmussen Reports.

Here are how the poll results, released Friday, break down:

  • 34% say it is a bad decision, while 16% are not certain.
  • 72% of Republicans say it is a good decision.
  • 51% of Democrats say ending the mask mandate is bad.
  • 48% of independents say it a good decision, compared to 36% who say it is a bad decision.
  • 51% of all those polled say they believe the danger from COVID-19 is mostly over, compared to 40% who think it remains a major public health threat.

The poll, conducted April 20-21, surveyed 1,000 people. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.