“Is there a connection between getting multiple COVID vax shots and getting sicker?” Tucker posited. “Is it possible that the vaccine can actually hurt you, especially  if you keep getting boosted?”

“Can it weaken your immune system? Well, it looks possible,” said Carlson, before revealing a study from the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology that said COVID-19 vaccines have “diverse adverse consequences to human health.”

The study identified “potential profound disturbance in regulatory control of protein synthesis and cancer surveillance,” and noted that these disturbances “potentially have a causal link to neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis.”

A second study from The Lancet journal, which, according to a letter written by expert Kenji Yamamoto to the Journal of Virology, showed that “immune function among vaccinated individuals 8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among unvaccinated individuals.”