(hopefully) The COVID narrative is beginning to fall apart

Ultimately, enforced vaccination against COVID may have been the greatest mistake of this generation, an instance of what is called “imperfect vaccine hypothesis.” Molecular biologist James Bull of the University of Texas is unsure of the efficacy of the COVID vaccines, wondering if they merely reduce symptoms, protect patients from infection, or result in transmitting the virus. The issue is crucial. For the COVID injections are not “perfect vaccines.” They have been shown to be “leaky,” creating a breeding ground for escaped variants and enabling the disease to replicate and “shed” to other individuals. “Breakthrough cases” and associated viral transmission are a reality and have been well-documented. Most alarmingly, the New Zealand tracking system reports more deaths from the vaccines than from COVID since 2020. As J.D. Rucker writes, “Covid-19 deaths are invariably inflated in most countries while vaccine death numbers are always underreported…it’s certain the vaccine death numbers are much, much higher.”