CDC Has Not Tracked the Comorbidities of the 361 Children 17 and Under Who Died of COVID.

Based on hospital data from March 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, COVID-NET reported the following selected underlying medical conditions in hospitalized children under age 18 who were diagnosed with COVID-19:

Obesity leads the list (34 percent), followed by “other diseases” (20.7 percent), asthma (14.8 percent), neurologic disease (13 percent), metabolic disease (5.1%), chronic lung disease (4.9 percent), cardiovascular disease (4.9 percent), immune suppression (4.7 percent), hypertension (1.5 percent), renal disease (1.1 percent), and gastrointestinal/liver disease (1 percent) and autoimmune disease (0.5 percent).

COVID-NET found that 46.3 percent of this pediatric sample had “no known condition.”