Candace Owens:

“I either had a crystal ball or this was all common sense,” conservative commentator and BLEXIT Leader Candace Owens says, recalling how she’s spent the last year warning about how Democrats are using the coronavirus to justify robbing Americans of their freedoms.

On Tuesday, Owens took to Twitter to remind readers that “A year ago, common sense people like me were called ‘conspiracy theorists’ when we warned” about Democrats’ false claims and ulterior motives:

  • “It was never going to be 2 weeks to flatten the curve,”
  • “The vaccine was not going to give you your freedoms back,” and
  • “The rich were transferring unlimited wealth and power to themselves.”

“I also warned (a year ago) they’d begin pushing for vaccine passports for us to “return to normal” (a tread toward a surveillance state) and that infection rates would magically plummet immediately after the election.