US hospital officials are still denying science, yet are controlling the basic fabrics of the American economy and overall causing more death and hospital cases by refusing to use therapeutics. ” wear a mask ” is their solution when drugs are available. ( aka politics )

Early trial studies have shown the antibody drugs decrease the viral load in patients, shortens symptoms and, most importantly, keeps people out of the hospital, Woodcock said.

However, some medical experts are concerned that there’s not enough evidence the drugs work. The Infectious Diseases Society of America has recommended against routine use of Eli Lilly’s treatment, citing a lack of data. And the National Institutes of Health, citing “insufficient data,” said the drug “should not be considered the standard of care.”

The Food and Drug Administration in November issued emergency authorizations for antibody drugs from Eli Lilly and Regeneron. The latter’s drug was given to President Donald Trump, who said it made him feel better “immediately” when he was hospitalized with the coronavirus in October.