Democrat controlled rat hole San Antonio + county Judge WOLF denies bar owners a living, yet approves fundraiser for democrats

On Friday, the Conservation Society announced a three-hour Fall Heritage Festival hosted in La Villita with 1,000 attendees  to raise money for historic preservation and other programs. The society told the San Antonio Express-News it is not a NIOSA event, but guests will notice many comparisons to the food and drinks.

Admission to the Nov. 6 event is $125 and the crowd size is limited to 1,o00 people; typically NIOSA draws 20,000 nightly. Once inside, guests will have unlimited access to food and drinks. Everyone will be required to wear face coverings, except when seated while eating and drinking. They will also be required to maintain social distancing. Patti Zaiontz, the president of the organization, said there will be space to “spread out.”

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