MD peddles fake science about face-masking being the end all be all effective method for everyone. When, theres Plenty of medical-experts who will 100% disagree or provide more reason to not bother doing it. Masking will NOT prevent Chinavirus infections. It’s benefit is very minimal. Most people dont inhale viruses. They put it in their eye or nose with their fingers!

Their own study admitted to -only- analyzing 34 incidents of the flu during the study! — THIS IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC STUDY —

“”Our RRs for comparing the face mask and hand hygiene group to the control group suggest an overall reduction in the primary incidence of influenza. However, we only analyzed 34 incident cases of influenza during the study and this limited our statistical power. Nonetheless, the RR for the layered intervention group was of even greater magnitude and in the same direction as the cumulative RR for ILI. These trends suggest that face masks and hand hygiene should be encouraged during seasonal influenza outbreaks and especially during the beginning of a pandemic when vaccines may not yet be available.””

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